Entering the world of sexual intimacy and companionship are wide and unpredictable, life as well. There are a lot of things that are not familiar to others. Some of those are the sugar daddy and escort. Have you heard about it? 

Well, a sugar daddy refers to a male, mostly aged and retired, who accepts the condition to support a person materially. In return, that person who is called the sugar baby does things asked by the sugar daddy. The conditions vary on them, whether it can be a sexual activity, companionship, or intimacy. The good thing here is that a sugar baby gets supported with all of his or her needs financially. So, it is a need for a sugar baby to find the best and richest sugar daddy if possible. 

On the other hand, an escort refers to a person who provides companionship to the clients. The service varies, such as going to a fine dining, watching movies together, and other else. The first condition of being an escort is that there will be no sexual activity. However, it can still happen once agreed upon by both parties.

The question now remains as to which is the best among these two. So, let us learn more! 


In terms of the service, being a sugar daddy receives more. This is because of the inclusion of time-to-time sexual activity in exchange for financial support for the sugar baby. Also, the sugar baby can be anyone as long as they consented by the sugar baby himself or herself. There is no age limit in being a sugar baby or even a sugar daddy as long as it is well-agreed since it is hidden from the crowd. For the escorts, they provide companionship only, yet this is the best if the clients are looking for friendship. 


In terms of personality, none of it can be predicted. However, intimacy and friendship can outgrow from the services of escorts. On the other hand, relationship and lifetime support can be gathered from the sugar daddies. Mostly, sugar daddies can become aggressive, especially if they include sexual activities as part of the services they ask from their sugar babies. 


The benefits of being an escort or having an escort are that companionship is experienced. If you are a client and you are looking for someone to talk to, then you must rely on the services of an escort. They can also give you a friendship that you can benefit from for a long time. For being a sugar daddy, the benefits are sexual satisfaction to companionship, and happiness. If you are looking for a potential lover as well through Seek Daddies sites, you can end up with your sugar baby. For being a sugar baby, the main benefit is that you can be supported financially and be able to afford anything you want in life without working hard for it. 

Final Verdict 

So, among these, the best one is a sugar daddy. Financial support, happiness, sexual pleasure, companionship, and possibly a lifetime partner can all be found here.